YouTube channels I am loving!

I’m quite obsessed with watching YouTube at the moment. I watch it normally when I’ve got a spare 20 minutes either getting ready for work, eating lunch and when I’m snuggled up in bed, there’s nothing better than a cup of tea and YouTube. Here are my top 6 YouTubers I am loving watching at the moment……. 💕


I’ve watched Brogan’s videos for a good few years now, she does a lot of Disney content which I’m not into at all but I adore her weekly vlogs of just normal everyday life. She’s a lovely down to earth hard working girl who goes through ups and downs like all of us but I always feel very positive and motivated after watching her vlogs. She also does great monthly favourite videos and a lot of hauls! ✨

Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria Vlogs

I have recently started watching Samantha’s videos again and I’m not sure why I ever stopped. I got back into watching her after I came across her wedding video about a year ago and it was beautiful, as is she and her little family. Indie her daughter is adorable! I actually really like every video she uploads whether it is vlogs, personal, makeup or fashion. She seems like such a cool person and her style is soooo on point I just wish I could pull off some of her outfits. 👑


Shaaanxo Vlogs

Shannon is my all-time favourite YouTuber hands down! She lives in New Zealand and has two incredibly cute dogs and I honestly look forward to her uploading every week. I have watched her for as long as I can remember, she’s a beaut! Her main channel videos are so good she creates videos I have never seen anywhere else before, my favourite are her massive PR hauls she does them every month or so. She is very real in her vlogs which I love and comes across like such a fun loving person. Would 100% recommend you check out her channel! 💘


I recently just started watching Sophie’s videos which is surprising because I know she’s very successful and well known, but I actually found her after I bought her eyeshadow palette in Superdrug which I wear every damn day. I just looked her up after realising she was a YouTuber and fell in love with her makeup videos! She is so funny and honest and in my opinion she does her makeup so well, I’ve already learned some tips and tricks from watching her. 💄


More Zoella

Very obvious I know but it is what it is she’s one of my faves to watch and always will be. She knows what she’s doing so her main channel videos are always fab but I live for her 50 minute long vlogs. Some people hate long YouTube vids but like I said I watch them when I’m doing something else like tidying or doing my makeup etc so don’t want to have to keep finding a new video to watch every 5 mins. I also love getting ideas of places to go and things to do from Zoe’s videos because she is always doing something fun with her friends and fam. I am super excited for her vlogmas to start!! 🎅

Velvet Ghost

I find Gabriella’s videos very relaxing and easy to listen too. She lives in hove where I live so it’s fun to see places I know in her vlogs. Her cat is the most amazing thing ever, I’m a real cat person so love watching little nelson on her vlogs. Her videos are edited really well, I feel like she puts a lot of effort in to every video she uploads. Just go and watch one of her videos and I put money on you’ll want to watch more, very enjoyable content. 🐱

Who are your favourite YouTubers to watch, do you watch any of these channels? Give me some recommendations!

Copy of Louise Leduc Murray


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