Things To Do In Cala Ratjada

I recently came back from my summer holiday to Mallorca. I’ve always said I would never travel to somewhere twice for a holiday because there’s so many places to see but honestly I would go back to Cala Ratjada, Mallorca in a heartbeat.

I miss it so much, it was such a lovely place!  I said in a previous post that I will write a little something on my blog every time I travel somewhere so here we are! If you want to see more photos from my holiday go over to my Instagram (louiseleduc).

I want to make all of these travel blog posts different so in this one I want to tell you about 3 things I did in the resort I was staying in. When I’m on holiday I do love to do a couple of the touristy excursions, we did a sunrise dolphin boat cruise and saw two dolphins playing in the sea next to the boat which was pretty damn special. Joe’s choice of excursion was a dirt buggy tour around the island, I surprised myself and actually really enjoyed it.

Although we love a good few hours by the pool we are definitely not the kind of people to stay within the hotel for the whole of the holiday. We love exploring and like to find out more about the area so that’s why instead of telling you about the well-known advertised excursions, I wanted to tell you about the less touristy places we visited that really made the trip.

Placa Del Pins market

I knew I wanted to go to a market because you can find a lot more original things than you can in the shops and wanted to see what a traditional Mallorcan street market had to offer. I looked up local Cala Ratjada market and Placa Del Pins came up as the main one and was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel.

It was quite a big market selling everything from unique handmade gifts to fruit and veg. Very chilled atmosphere and right by the port so you could see the water whilst you mooch around the stalls.

I could have bought loads of things but came away with two unique fans, so much nicer than any ones I had seen in the shops and half the price. Also picked up a handmade spaghetti portion measurer, now I will never make too much spaghetti! You can see most of the things I brought back in the featured image. I never buy too much on holiday just a few souvenirs and gifts.

Local market

Local market (1)

Capdepera Castle

Bus from Cala Ratjada to Capdepera: €3 return pp

Cost: €3 per person

Time: 1 ½ hours

I google searched historic buildings Cala Ratjada because I was told the Balearic Islands have a lot of ancient ruins and history. The main thing close to where we were staying was the Capdepera castle just a short bus ride away. 

There are loads of information points telling you about the history of the castle and some really amazing view points! There are a few nice restaurants to choose from in the area but other than that there’s not much else to do in Capdepera but it’s worth a visit just for the castle. I love visiting places of history because it really makes you think about what went on right where you are standing. I’m definitely glad we went, it was a beautiful little castle to walk around.

Local market (2)

Local market (3)

Sa Torre Cega

Cost: €4 per person

Time: 1 ½ hours

We only found out about these gardens because we could see the villa from our balcony in our hotel. We had a search and found out what it was and decided to visit. The villa was built on a site of an ancient watchtower that watched over the whole of Cala Ratjada called Torre Cega for a family in the early 20th century. It’s now a beautiful building open for the public with botanical gardens and a sculpture park.

You book a guided tour and get taken round these beautiful gardens filled with modern and old sculptures, amazing wildlife and water features. Then the villa itself you weren’t allowed to take photos inside and only aloud in 3 rooms but what we did see was pretty impressive and the view from just outside the villa was incredible.

The tour took about an hour and half we really enjoyed learning about the history of the building and gardens. I’d 100% recommend it, was a morning well spent.

Local market (4)

Local market (6)

Other places/things not to miss when visiting Cala Ratjada:

  • Cala Agulla beach
  • Cala Gat beach
  • Cala Lliteras hotel pool (adult only pool you can use when you buy a drink from the poolside bar)
  • B-fresh frozen yogurt shop 
  • Los Monteros tapas restaurant 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Next stop Rome… 

Louise Leduc Murray (15)




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