Mini Haul

I’ve picked up a few new bits over the past week and thought I would do a little haul showing you everything I got! I will leave links below of everything featured.

I’m a Primark girl through and through partly because I love it and partly because I can’t afford to shop anywhere else but this month I worked a little harder so I could shop a little harder. Logic! I’ve never shopped in Jack wills but Joe has one of their hoodies that I am constantly stealing. I decided to pop in and have a look and it seems like a lot of the shops have their autumn/winter ranges in now which means the summer items are on sale! The only thing that caught my eye was this cute little cotton top. I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it!37673829_10216228138242329_4726060550843269120_n.jpg


I’m going on holiday in august and only really had 1 pair of decent sunglasses so thought I’d treat myself to another. Is it just me or does everyone go on a mad shopping spree before they go away, even though you’ve just spent more than you can afford on a holiday and you’re in your overdraft praying for a miracle! I love the shape of these glasses I think they suit my face pretty well. Also think the little bit of tortoise shell detail is really nice and goes with everything. Topshop do the best sunglasses if you’re looking for some!37712008_10216228139282355_4343221476908859392_n.jpg


B makeup is Superdrug’s own range which is vegan and cruelty free. I have never tried anything by the brand before, but when it’s a 50% off promotion and you get an extra 30% off on top of that because you work there I thought what better time to try some bits. Believe it or not I got the three things pictured below for just £3.95 – Trust me when I say I was tempted to buy every product they sell, but nobody needs that much makeup right? I picked up a setting spray which I have already used and is the best setting spray I’ve tried no lie. Also got a mascara and a nude lip liner, very excited to try.37754811_10216228136722291_4934812376793874432_n.jpg


This was an impulse (waiting in line to be served) purchase. Perfect beach bag for my holiday! £1.49 H&M cuteee!37753380_10216228141082400_1767047058511888384_n.jpg

This gorgeous little cream top from new look is something I wear on the daily. It’s quite a thick ribbed material, not ideal for this weather but when the evenings get a bit colder I can imagine it paired with black jeans, a nice belt and some heeled boots. Love the buttons – but for me it could have done with one extra because without a bralet it’s a tad booby, Just to bare in mind!37732937_10216228158162827_1975572080124493824_n.jpg

This incredible perfume in Mandarin and Basil is actually from Primark. I would have never guessed it was from Primark if someone gave it to me. It looks expensive, smells lovely and lasts a really long time on your skin. I have been looking for a summer perfume for ages, but did not come across one I liked as much as this one. I don’t have a link for this because Primark don’t sell online (whyyyyyy)! It was £8 for a 100ml bottle pop into your local branch and see if they have a tester.37787582_10216228146322531_4217948061252452352_n.jpg

RED. BOW DETAIL. ANKLE STRAP. COMFY AF. TRUE TO SIZE. BEAUTIFUL! I’ve worn these once since I picked them up and I’m so obsessed with them. I’m going to live in these on holiday! 😍37800388_10216228159802868_2338983118603550720_n-e1532368937860.jpg


  1. Jack Wills Top
  2. Topshop Sunglasses
  3. B makeup
  4. New Look Top
  5. New Look sandals

Hope you enjoyed this little haul. Do you own any of the bits I’ve shown? Leave me a comment.

Louise Leduc Murray (15)


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