My Austria Trip

Hello, I’ts been a while! I Haven’t uploaded a new blog post for a little bit but I’m back YAY 💁🏼

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that last month myself and my mum took a little trip to Austria for 4 nights. I love reading travel posts on new places so really want to try and do one for everywhere I visit and Austria is the first of many (hopefully). Ever thought about visiting Austria and want to see what it has to offer? Keep reading.

What part of Austria did I visit?

We stayed in a very cute town called Zell am see, south of the city of Salzburg. I’ve never been anywhere like Austria before and with my mum planning the trip because it was somewhere she wanted to go I didn’t do much research into it or look at any pictures.

On the train journey from Salzburg to Zell am see is when I first saw the towering mountains either side out of the train window and I was blown away by them. You travel through little villages and towns but as far as you can see are these magnificent green mountains. We traveled to Austria in summer time but to many people Austria is a skiing holiday so in winter these huge mountains are covered top to bottom in snow and although people come specifically to ski I think they are really missing out by not seeing Austria in summer when it’s so lush and green. There are cable car lifts taking people up the mountains everywhere you look, and on all the mountains you could see houses so far up they looked like little Polly pocket houses.

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Lake Zell is the main attraction in Zell am see. It’s a beautiful fresh water lake surrounded by the Alps. Unfortunately it wasn’t hot enough for us to swim in but all around the lake there are areas which have pools and slides and steps that lead into the lake, the water was so clear and clean I would have jumped straight in if it was warmer. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that in winter it completely freezes over and is used for ice skating.

What were the main things I did whilst there?

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Boat trip around Lake Zell: This was a 45 minute boat ride all around Lake Zell taking in the beautiful views and surroundings. Every 15 minutes or so there would be information and facts about the lake spoken through a speaker which was handy. We saw swans and their babies which were adorable; everywhere you looked there was something lovely and interesting to look at! Loved it!

Link for the boat trip → here ← in case you want to check it out!

Schmitten Cable car: The cable cars run all year round up the mountain not just when it’s the skiing season. We got on the CityXpress (don’t be fooled by the name though it travels very slowly) it takes you 1,400 m high. There are a lot higher ones but there’s something about cable cars I find incredibly scary but wanted to see the view at the top of Zell am see so we chose the lowest one and I plucked up some courage and did it.

Link to the cable car → here ← if you’re brave enough.

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Krimml waterfalls: This is one of Europe’s tallest waterfalls at a height of 380m. There was a path all the way up to the top that took over an hour to walk at a steep incline. My legs the few days after were so sore! Luckily there is a little cafe when you’re nearly at the top to stop for a cake and coffee. The photos do not do it justice at all it was huge and looked incredible definitely worth a visit. 

Link → here ← if you want to visit the waterfall.

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Spa day: Austria is known for its spas. I didn’t know this but then of course it snows for over half a year there and wouldn’t you want to warm up in a nice toasty sauna. The site we were staying on had a brand new big complex with 3 swimming pools including an outdoor one. Jacuzzi, saunas, steam rooms the lot! Being able to swim in the slightly heated outdoor pool with the mountains surrounding me with the birds chirping and the fresh crisp air was such a relaxing amazing experience.

Link to the spa I went too → here ← Just stunning.


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Would I go back?

We only really saw one side to Austria, I think I would have liked to see more of Salzburg and would love to book a city break to Vienna as we didn’t get to see that city at all. So yes I would travel back to Austria but not back to the same place, I am so glad I got to see and experience somewhere like that and really enjoyed it but I think I did all I could there and saw all the beauty it had to offer. I think there’s so many amazing places to travel too so why go back to the same place?

Zell am see is the perfect spot if you want to escape city life, explore Austria’s natural beauty, visit local attractions and experience a historic and cultural town.

Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you’ve ever visited Austria!

On the way back to the airport we got to have a very quick look around Salzburg and here’s the few photos I took!

 Louise Leduc Murray (15)







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