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I recently took a little trip to town to find a dress to wear for drinks with friends but instead came away with six new pieces for my summer wardrobe. I know it’s not summer just yet but the UK has been having some lovely warm weather and all the shops have their holiday clothes in so I just couldn’t help myself.

I had a look in all the shops in Brighton but only picked up things in Primark and H&M. Primark is on fire 🔥 at the moment, some days I’ll go in there and see nothing I like but this time I could have bought the whole shop! The items I picked up look like you could find them in Topshop and pay triple the price for. I also am so happy with my H&M purchases as I got two sale items for an amazing price with help from the H&M club which I originally knew nothing about, if you sign up you get 10% off in store and online and from then start collecting points to unlock new vouchers such as 15% off ladies dresses etc. I shop there regularly so am very happy to learn that I can start saving some pennies.

I bought these items around a week ago so chances are high of them still being in stock, I really won’t blame you if you can’t finish reading this blog post because you’re already half way to your nearest Primark. The H&M pieces were sale items so may be a bit harder to get your hands on but it is definitely worth scouting out your local store.

Just for reference all the items are in a size 8 except the trousers which are a size 10!

Let’s get started 👇👗❤️

Primark denim shorts – £12

I am living for these shorts! Hence why I’ve already worn them twice and they are in the feature image of this blog. It’s not often I can walk into a shop, try on a pair of denim shorts and they fit like a glove. I love the simple white and red stripe detail, it really adds a little something extra and makes them look more expensive rather than just your average denim shorts. They are soft denim so feel comfy when sitting down and don’t dig into your thighs. Go pick yourself up a pair – for £12 you can’t go wrong! 🤩


Primark wrap dress – £10

Everyone needs a polka dot something in their wardrobe! I feel very classy and girly wearing this. There are endless occasions you could wear it to…. a BBQ with friends, a summer evening wedding party, a date night with your man… the list goes on. You can tie it to the front, side or back I prefer it at the back as it makes it look more flattering and pulls the dress in at the waist. I’m 5’6 and the dress comes down just past my knees at the back and is higher at the front as you can see!👌


Primark sleeveless shift dress – £10

I love everything about this dress. It has so much going for it from the black and yellow heart pattern to the big tortoise shell buttons! I can imagine myself reaching for this a lot, it’s one of those dresses you can just throw on and it looks effortless and cute. I would pair this with a denim jacket and trainers for the daytime or a leather jacket and black boots in the evening. It’s also incredibly comfy; it has wide straps so you don’t have to worry about your bra straps showing which is a big plus in my eyes. It’s probably not for everyone but I adore it and think it really suits me. 🖤💛


Primark high waist trousers – £10

These trousers are beaut, comfiest things in my wardrobe guaranteed. They are perfect for spring weather and summer evenings. Best thing about these are that they have a stretchy waist so can eat all the treats you like and your food baby is hidden away nicely. I really like the pattern on these too, very pretty! P.S oops I’ve just realised I’ve cut my feet off in these pictures – The bottom of the trousers are just skinny but not skin tight and sit just on the ankle. 👀


H&M floral blouse £17.99 reduced to £7

Was reduced even more because I had the 10% off, so I got this top and the dress below for £10.80 BARGAIN! Why this was in the sale I have no idea but I’m sure happy it was. I think this is a beautiful top to wear in the evenings with high waist jeans or a black denim skirt like in the photo. The material is made to look and feel like crepe cotton and along with the belle sleeves and dainty buttons it really is a lovely top!🌹


H&M Black Skater Dress £12.99 reduced to £5

This is the dress I ended up buying to wear for drinks out and what I originally went shopping for. It really is the perfect LBD for all occasions. I wore it like this with my suedette heeled ankle boots and a leather jacket. With my hair and makeup done and some hooped earrings it made for a really nice look. It was hard to take a picture which showed all the details but it has little pleats in all the right places to make it a very flattering design. To top it off it was only £5! 💁‍♀️

I really hope this gave you all some outfit inspo and that you manage to find and buy some of the items I’ve mentioned. Let me know what look is your fave! Lots of love Lou xxx
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  1. Feeling very annoyed with myself that I seem to have missed that Primark wrap dress – I’m in there all the bloody time! Clearly need to get back in there quickly, I need that dress!

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